VoxBeat – beatbox+multitrack


Voxbeat for iPhone converts your beatboxing (or singing or tapping) into drum machine beats. Simply sing your beat, and hear it back but played with high-quality drum samples. VoxBeat can interpret beatboxed kick, snare and high hat sounds simultaneously, or one part at a time. Along with your beats you can record audio tracks.  It’s the easiest way to turn the beats and musical ideas in your head into great-sounding programmed beats along with audio tracks. You can manually edit and program your beats, and can switch drum sounds, apply effects, and control level and pan of the drum sounds. Each pattern can have six individual parts, or you can use up to three tracks for audio recording. Patterns can be up to 32 beats in length. And you can export your patterns as 44.1/16 bit .wav files through iTunes, AudioCopy or via email, and it’s Inter-App Audio compatible.  (iPad version coming soon!)


Tutorial Videos:


•Beatbox decoding for drum beat programming works best in a quiet, echo-free environment.

•VoxBeat works best on iPhone 5 and higher.

•VoxBeat is RAM hungry, so it is best to close other apps while using it.

•The best sounds to use for beatbox decoding are “boom” “tah” “tss” (kick, snare and hat), or other sounds that are distinct from one another (which you can train VB to recognize via the Settings>Trainer).

VoxBeat support and feedback:

Kudo’s to my programmer friend (and fellow guitarist) Adam Bellard for implementing most of the code on this bananas app.