Time Guru Instructions

Meter select: Choose the number of beats per measure (1 through 14) by touching numbers in the top row. The number of beats per measure then appears in the 2nd row, with the beat value appearing in the 3rd row. Touching 2nd-row selected meter numbers once will mute the meter. Swiping down removes a meter slot. Touching the beat values in the 3rd row cycles through meter note values (quarter, dotted-8th, 8th, 8th-triplet, 16th, quintuplet, sextuplet, septuplet and half note). You can combine simple, compound, complex and mixed meters and accent patterns by selecting multiple meter numbers (Ex: 3/4+4/4, or 5/8+2/4). You can also create rhythmic patterns by muting selected meters (Ex: 1mute, 1, 1, 2mute, 1, 1mute, 1 with accents in a quasi-clave pattern).

Random mute: Adjusting the slider controls the percentage of metronome beats that are muted (play silently) in a random or an unpredictable way. Set to 0% the metronome sound is never muted; set to 100% the sound is always muted.

Gradual: When gradual is on (orange), it means that the random muting does not occur immediately, but gradually goes up to the percentage set with the random mute slider over a selectable period of time (set in the settings page). When gradual is off, it means that random muting begins immediately upon starting the metronome.

Tempo: Can be set with the slider, up/down arrows, or with the Tap button. The value is the number of beats (or quarter notes) per minute.

Presets: You can save, name and load your meter, random mute, tempo and sound settings with the Preset button in the upper right hand corner. The name of the preset is displayed at the bottom of the Time Guru main screen.

Settings Page

Gradual duration: The time period over which the random mute takes full effect, from zero to the percentage set with the random mute slider.

Prevent sleep: When On, Time Guru will stay on, bypassing the iPhone’s auto-lock setting.

Sounds: The metronome sound can be changed while the metronome is playing. Included in the sounds are human voice and robot sounds that count the time according to the selected meter.

Tap sound: When set to On, tapping on the Tap button will make a sound (only when the metronome is not playing). For best results tap lightly.